Fragrant Jasmine Plant
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Jasmine Plant
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Jasmine Plant (Chinese Star)

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Do you particularly enjoy jasmine tea or the sweet scent of jasmine  in fragrances or air fresheners? If so, then we've got the plant for you - Jasminum polyanthum, also known as the Chinese Star. 

This flowering beauty will brighten up any home with its five-starred white blooms and their intoxicating scent. As the blooms begin to age, pick them if you like and try your hand at making jasmine tea - or make like it's the 90's and prepare your own pot pourri!  Assuming you don't pick all the blossoms in your pot pourri rampage, they will stay in bloom for several weeks at at a time - including the naturally beautiful scent.

Jasmines do best in a bright, sunny location where they can get four to six hours of sunlight each day. Since the Jasmine grows rapidly, pruning will help to maintain an attractive shape - and also encourages branching to help them bloom. The best time to prune them is just after flowering, 

As we all know well during COVID-19 lockdown, we feel a lot better when we can get out and about rather than staying indoors all the time. Same goes for your jasmine.To get the best from your jasmine, you can give it some outdoor time in a sunny spot during the summer. You can do this again for a five or six-week stretch in the cooler Fall months. This gives the buds a boost ready for the February bloom of the jasmine flowers that you'll be looking forward to.

Jasmines look fabulous in a variety of planters - since this is a 'vining' plant, consider later repotting to a hanging planter to allow the vines to cascade from the container.    

Plant Care


Full sunshine 4-6 hours daily.

Pet Safe

Yes (and for humans too!)


Water thoroughly, allowing the surface of the soil to dry between waterings. Water less frequently in the winter months.


Moderate (around 40-50% relative humidity).


Average room temperatures 18-24°C/65-75°F are ideal. While the buds are developing, the plant should be kept it in a cool, well lit but unheated room (under 18ºC)


Feed once a month during spring with a low-strength liquid fertiliser that’s low in nitrogen.