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  • Lemon All-Purpose Cleanser (with Rosemary!)

    Who'd of thought that we can combine citrus with all natural cleansers to replace many of the chemicals that we rely on for household cleaning.

    The staples of this all purpose cleanser are vinegar (use regular white vinegar or organic, if desired) combined with lemon and rosemary. 

  • Tart Calamondin Cocktail

    Refreshing * Light * Slightly tart Now that Spring has arrived, here's a refreshing and simple recipe to enjoy calamondin oranges that can be grown...
  • Tips for Caring for your Lemon Tree

    With its sweet, fragrant flowers, glossy foliage and (sometimes very!) tart fruit, the indoor lemon tree can reward your care and attention by yielding fruit year-round. 

    Regardless of how harsh our climate can be in various pockets of Canada, you can easily grow a container lemon tree indoors and enjoy the fruits of your labour year-round. Whether you choose the popular Meyer or Eureka variety, nurturing your indoor lemon tree isn't hard as long as you meet its essential needs.